My Favorite 10 Programs for Creative Business Owners

My Favorite 10 Programs for Creative Business Owners

Hey Guys! I wanted to do a post on my top 10 favorite apps/programs because I get asked a lot about how to stay organized, what program is the best for this or that and I absolutely love all these programs. Each one will have a link to check it out (Some links may be affiliate links). I may make another post in the future on some of them going into more detail about how I use them! Here they are in no particular order! Most of these options are either free or very affordable, and the great thing is they are all available online and don't require you to download any software to your computer to use them!

1. Trello (, FREE) Great tool for making lists, organizing information, and so much more!

This is probably the one tool on this list that I use the most often! It is very easy to use for pretty much anything! The example picture above shows a glimpse of my Trello board that I use to keep track of all of my patterns. It is really easy to setup and label and color code for certain things, leave comments, attach pictures, and so much more! I could go on and on about Trello and what it can be used for! This program, I will for sure be blogging about in more detail at a later time! 

The way Trello is setup is very simple. You start with a Board. You can have multiple boards within your Trello account. I basically have a few different boards for personal and business. Within your board you create lists. This is basically like a sub category of whatever you are using your board for. Then you have cards that are added to the different lists. The cards can easily be moved or copied from one list to another.

In the example above for our vinyl database, the Board is called Vinyl Database and then each list is a category of types of patterns we offer. So each pattern set we offer is added to a card and then that card is added to a list based on the type of pattern it is. So all of our patterns that are of Animal Prints are all separate cards but are on the same list. Each card has the name of the pattern, a picture of the pattern set, and then lots of info about the pattern. You can click on the card to go into it to see more details. You can add comments, more images, links, notes, and label them based whatever you need to use to organize them.

Trello has a great filtering and search tool you can use to find your info easily, even if you aren't on the right board. You can search by name or any other piece of information you have on the card. For my patterns, they each have a SKU so I can easily search by SKU to find that particular pattern quickly.

Here are just a few examples of what I use Trello for:

~To Do List
~Custom Order Progress
~Product Pricing
~Font List
~Instructions/Steps for Specific Tasks
~Grocery List
~Important Passwords/Links
~Yearly Calendar
~Product Ideas
~Social Media Post Ideas
~Favorite Recipes
~Checklists for Shopping
~Inventory Tracker

2. Shipstation (, Starting at $9/month.) Best program for keeping track of orders, inventory, and shipping

This is the main tool my employees and I use for keeping all of our orders in one place!

3. Etsy (, Price varies) E-commerce marketplace for handmade, supply, and vintage sellers

In addition to my website, I also sell on Etsy. If you are just starting out or want to expand your business, Etsy is a great place to start!

4. Get Vela (, FREE) Bulk updating program for Etsy

5. Buffer (, FREE & paid plans) Social Media manager/scheduler

6. Craftybase (, Starts at $9/month) Inventory/Accounting software for creative businesses

7. Home Base (, FREE & paid plans) program for scheduling/time clock for employees

8. Go Daddy (, Price varies) great option for having your own website including domains and hosting

9. Cognito Forms/Jot Form ( &, FREE & paid plans) programs to create forms to collect information, surveys, etc. from customers

10. Canva (, FREE and paid plans) great program to design graphics for social media, websites, and much more without needing to know much about designing!

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