Get credits toward you vinyl purchase by referring your friends! You will get a $5 credit for each person you refer once they place an order and they will get a $5 credit to use on their next order!

Here’s how it works!

Create an account by going to and click Sign in.

Type in your email and click Create an account.

Fill out the rest of the info. If you were referred by someone, put their email address in. If not, this field can be left blank. You MUST put their email address in for both of you to qualify for the credit. It has to be the email you used when setting up your account.

After you place your first order, the referral program will automatically setup. If you would like to setup the referral program without having to purchase anything, you can place an order for our FREE SVG file and this will count as an order in our system. You can find this file here.

Go to My Account.

Click on Referral Program to go to the program settings.

The first tab has a place to send your friends an invite via email. If you don’t have their email address, you can still qualify as long as they use your email address when they sign up. (More details on this below.)

The second tab shows friends you have invited that haven’t ordered yet.

The third tab shows the friends you have referred that have placed an order.

To access your credits from referrals and any other coupon codes, click on My Vouchers. You can go back to My Account or go here to get to it.

There will be a unique code in the first column that you will need to copy and paste when you are ready to use it. It also shows you the value and when it expires. Referral vouchers expire ONE year from the date the referral happened.

To use the code, paste it into the field below “Vouchers” on the Checkout page. Multiple vouchers can be used for the same transaction and vouchers can also be split between multiple transactions if needed.

You can also refer friends without needing to know their information. They just need to make sure to put YOUR email address in as the sponsor when they setup their account. This MUST happen for both parties to qualify for the credit. It has to be the email you used when setting up your account.