Single Layer Keychain Template Design Steps - For Faux Leather

Single Layer Keychain Template Design Steps - For Faux Leather

Here is a step by step tutorial to create a single layer keychain template to cut faux leather. We designed in Silhouette Studio but the settings should be similar in other design software programs.

You can use any shape you want. We recommend making the keychain shape part around 2.5 inches and the loop around .5 inchs tall. The width will depend on how much space you want to be in between the pieces.


1. Once you decide on a shape, reside it to around 2.5 inches wide. Make a copy of the shape and paste in front or paste in place. This should line it up exactly with the first copy.

2. Mirror the 2nd copy and move it over so that it lines up evenly with the first piece. You may need to use align tools to make sure they align exactly. Once in line group the 2 pieces together.

3. Take the rectangle for the loop and adjust the size so that it overlaps both places. It should be around .5 inches tall and the width will vary. Center the rectangle and the shapes so that the rectangle is exactly in the middle. Adjust the position of it up and down as needed. Normally a space of about .5 inches wide between the shapes is good.

4. Grab all pieces and make a copy of them so you have an original to edit if needed.

5. Take one of the copies and select all pieces and weld. This will make it so that all the pieces are one shape that will be ready to cut.

Here is the link to full video outlining the steps above:


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