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Printable HTV - Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer

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Inkjet Printable HTV for ANY color of fabric makes it easy to create your own printed image for application to any white or colored material. Our uniquely formulated transfer paper bonds with the fabric, leaving it soft, flexible and able to stretch with NO PEELING! Once applied, the transfer is FULLY washable. It’s easy to use for all your creative crafts at home with virtually any standard iron, or commercially using a professional heat press.

  • Excellent photographic reproduction

  • Great for kid’s crafts, family reunions, birthdays and anniversaries

  • Customize your t-shirts, jackets, home decorations, just about anything

  • Great for brand recognition or team identification

  • Use it yourself or give as a great and creative gift

  • Once applied, the transfer is FULLY washable and will stretch nicely without peeling

  • Compatible with all inkjet printers


Inkjet Printable HTV Instructions


 Supplies Before You Start:

  • INKJET Printer (this won’t work with a laser printer)

  • Printing Substrate (i.e. T-Shirt, Canvas, etc.)

  • Iron or Heat Press

  • Hard, Flat surface

  • Parchment Paper


  1. Set the paper type on your printer to “Normal Paper”

  2. Set the resolution to normal

  3. Feed single sheets into your printer. This paper CANNOT be multi-fed.

  4. DO NOT MIRROR your image!

  5. Print the image.

  6. Allow to dry for about 5 minutes before transferring.


  • Make sure to trim ALL excess white areas from around and within your image (an electronic cutting machine like the Cameo and Cricut will make this part a breeze!)

  • Prepare a FLAT, solid surface on which to iron…a countertop or sturdy table is great!

  • Turn your iron/press on and allow your iron to heat up to full temperature for 4 minutes. *Make sure you have the steam setting turned off

*REMEMBER – You will get the EXACT image on your shirt as you have on the vinyl, including the white background in between lettering and any white edges around your design!

(Recommended) Application – Using a Heat Press

  1. Preheat your fabric for 3-5 seconds to remove any wrinkles and open up the fibers on your fabric.

  2. Peel off the grid-lined backing from your transfer.

  3. Place the transfer paper with the image printed FACE UP on to your fabric.

  4. Place the parchment paper onto the exposed image to protect the press’ platens from the ink.

  5. Press with high pressure for 12 seconds at 374°F/190°C

  6. Wait 1 minute for the transfer to cool before removing the parchment paper.

Application – Using an Iron

  1. Iron your fabric for 30 seconds, or until it is nicely heated up and smooth of any wrinkles/creases

  2. Peel off the grid-lined backing from your transfer.

  3. Place the transfer paper with the image printed FACE UP on to your fabric.

  4. Place the parchment paper onto the exposed image to protect the iron from the ink.

  5. Start ironing your image. Make sure ALL AREAS of the image receive the same amount of heat by moving the iron constantly in SMALL CIRCLES and covering all the areas, especially the edges. Apply FIRM and CONSTANT PRESSURE to the Iron. (You can’t put too much pressure on the image – the more the better!)

  6. Iron for about 2 minutes.

  7. Once ironed, leave the image to cool for about 1 minute and then remove the parchment paper. The image should be securely adhered to the fabric. If there are any areas that have not adhered well, replace the parchment paper and iron for 1 more minute.


  • Wait 24 hours before washing

  • Wash in a washing machine using the FULL SPIN CYCLE


  • Hang dry 

Trouble Shooting

  • Some of the image didn’t transfer. – Heat of the iron wasn’t high enough. Ensure the iron is on FULL temperature and that all of the areas of the image are ironed

  • The image has not transferred at all and comes off of the fabric – Check that you have peeled off the backing paper that has the gird on it.

  • The image has disappeared and there is only the white background visible. – You have placed the image face down on the garment. The image should be facing you and covered with parchment paper before ironing/pressing.

  • Image Bleeding when Printing – Ensure that you have selected “Normal Paper” mode and the print quality is set to “Normal” or “Best”. If you still have bleeding, reduce ink saturation by 10-15%.

When will my order ship? Do you offer rush options?

Our current PROCESSING time varies depending on what you are ordering. If an item we offer takes longer than one business day to be ready to ship, you will see MTO with a time frame in the title. This is the processing time for this item. If you order multiple items, all items will be shipped after the longest listed processing time. Most pattern vinyl ships within 3 business days. Custom items take longer. If your order is scheduled to ship on a holiday or weekend, it will ship the next business day.

If you would like to rush your order  please contact us here to upgrade to the RUSH option. This option is not available at checkout and you must contact us to arrange this option.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.

If we don't currently ship to your country, please contact us and we can get you a custom shipping quote and/or add your country!

While we are working on setting up the ability to ship international we may have issues. If you run into any issues that prevent you from completing your order, please contact us so we can look into it.

What are my payment options?

Our payment processing is setup through Shopify, Sezzle, and Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account or would like to pay with a debit or credit card, you can still checkout with Paypal or you can use the standard option built into Shopify. We now offer Sezzle! Click here to find out about how Sezzle works.

Basically, for orders of $30 or more, you have the option to pay through Sezzle which allows you to break up your total into 4 equal payments. You will pay the first payment when you place the order and then the remaining payments will automatically process every two weeks through Sezzle. This option is based on approval through Sezzle. Please click on the link above about how Sezzle works for more information!

How do I use the products?

Please visit http://howto.smashinginkvinyl.com to watch our tutorial videos that walk you through how to properly use our products.

Even if you have used similar products in the past, our products may work differently, and we recommend watching our tutorials to make sure you are familiar with how OUR products work.

No returns will be accepted or refunds given for improper use of our products, equipment or setting issues, or other errors. We provide lots of resources and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about how to use our products. If you feel that the issues you are having are from a material defect, please contact us.

What if I want to have something custom printed?

We can absolutely help with custom printing vinyl. Please click here to order custom vinyl sheets.

How do I know what product to order?

We offer 3 different types of vinyl.

651/Permanent: This product is standard adhesive vinyl that is used for outdoor decals, to decorate drinkware, etc. It can also be used on cell phone cases, laptops, and much more. It has a permanent adhesive.

NOTE: All of our specialty vinyl options available (glitter, chrome, fluorescent, etching, etc.) are permanent vinyl.

631/Removable: This product is a standard adhesive vinyl that is made specifically to not damage walls. It can be applied to walls and will not damage the wall or remove the paint when it is removed.

HTV/Heat Transfer: This is the type of vinyl you would want to decorate apparel. It can be heat applied with an iron or heat press.

If you would like more detailed information about each type of product we offer, please click here.

Do you offer other sizes?

Our printed vinyl is available in 6x6, 12x6, 12x12, and 12x24 inch sheets for each of our pattern listings. If you are looking to order larger rolls by the foot, please check out our roll options here. We can only make printed vinyl in one foot increments.

All of our Oracal, HTV sheets, and Specialty Vinyl are only available to purchase in the size options listed. We may in the future add additional sizes, so please check back or let us know if you are interested in anything specific!

Do you offer wholesale or bulk orders?

Please contact us if you think your order is a bulk order. We will provide you with a custom quote. If you are interested in wholesale options, please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

Can I return or exchange my order? Can I cancel an order? Can I add to my order?

Please see our general policies here to learn about our return/exchange, add-on, and cancellation policies.

Does the Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets come with the mask/carrier sheet?

Yes! When you purchase our HTV sheets, you will also receive the masking you will need.

The masking sheets can be reused multiple times so your order will include one (1) carrier sheet per 3 sheets of HTV ordered.

For example, if you order 1-3 sheets of 12x12, you will receive one 12x12 mask.

Also, if you order one 12x24 sheet and two 12x12 sheets, you will receive one 12x24 mask.

If you would like to order more masking, it can be purchased here.

Does your printed vinyl need to be laminated? How long does it last?

Our printed vinyl is rated for 3 years of outdoor use with no lamination, 6 years of outdoor use WITH lamination, 5 years of indoor use without lamination, and 200 years of indoor use without lamination if out of direct sunlight.

The ink we use has an anti-scratch agent which provides a high level of scratch resistance on smooth media (vinyl). Although this helps to decrease the likelihood of scratches, we would recommend adding laminate to vinyl that will be in contact with other items for products like key chains, drinkware, jewelry, etc.

Glitter Laminate can be found here.

Clear Laminate can be found here.

Instructions on how to apply laminate can be found at: http://howto.smashinginkvinyl.com

How do I find out about new products and promotions?

Please join our Facebook group at here to learn more about new products and promotions!

How do I know when my order has shipped? How do I track my order?

When your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us  with the subject "Your vinyl order is on it's way to you or ready to pickup from Smashing Ink!" If you click on the email and then the "View Order" button, it will have a link to the tracking information. If you chose local pickup, the tracking number will be the Box and Code to access your order for pickup.

You can also access your order history from our website here. You will need to login if you aren't logged into our website already. From this page, click the order number to open the order. This will pull up your order information including a clickable tracking number that will also redirect you to USPS to track your order.

Still have questions?

We have multiple ways to reach us!

The best way to contact us is via our website contact feature which can be found here.

You can also click on the black and white messenger bubble in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This will connect you to our chat program and we will respond to you via email.

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