Tutorial - How to Create a Burlap Patch for Hats

Tutorial - How to Create a Burlap Patch for Hats

Hey guys! I saw this idea and wanted to try it! I love how it turned out so I wanted to make a tutorial showing the process!

Here's what you need:

Hat (or other blank) - See our selection here
Sublimation transfer - Order here
Burlap Piece (needs to be 100% polyester) - Order here
Heat Transfer Adhesive - Order here
Heat Press
Butcher Paper
Weeding Tool


1. Cut the heat transfer adhesive into the same size and shape as your sublimation transfer. It should be one single piece of vinyl. In my example, I cut it into an exact square.
2. Cut the burlap piece to be slightly larger than your sublimation transfer.
3. Cut your sublimation transfers out individually if they aren't already.


1. Sublimate the transfer onto the burlap piece. You MUST use a heat press for sublimation to work. I pressed at 385 for 45 seconds with light pressure. Make sure to cover with butcher paper and not let the transfer move during the sublimation process.
2. Cut the burlap piece into the shape of your choice, making it slightly bigger than the design so that you can distress it.
3. Use something with a fine point like a weeding tool and start pulling on the pieces of the burlap edge to get it to distress. Keep doing this until you have reached your desired amount of distressing and make sure to distress the entire edge around the design.
4. Heat press the heat transfer adhesive piece onto the hat. Use your hat press recommendations or use an iron for 15 to 20 seconds. Peel hot.
5. Layer the finished patch over the adhesive on the hat and press with the same settings as you did the adhesive. Make sure to cover the sublimated area with butcher paper so that the ink doesn't transfer.
6. Fluff up your distressed edges to complete the look!

You can also checkout our video tutorial below!


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