Heat Press Program

This program is available in store again as of 10/21/2020! Please read below for updates!

Thank you for your interest in our heat press program! We now have the option for you to visit us in store to use our heat pressing equipment for a nominal fee (currently $1 per garment/item to be paid upfront). In order to be eligible to use our equipment, we require you to watch our instructional video, read our complete program terms, and fill out a waiver to participate. This option is only available in store. It will take approx 15 to 20 minutes to get you trained and enrolled in the program when you initially sign up.

COVID NOTE: We will be disinfecting presses between customers and require customers to wear a mask while using the equipment. We are also limiting it to one customer using the equipment at a time. Please limit your party to no more than 2 people. 

Terms and Conditions

-We are NOT responsible for injuries or issues when you use our equipment. We are not responsible for damages to your garments, ruined vinyl, etc.

-Heat press is available during business hours a half hour after we open and a half hour before we close to allow for time for the presses to heat up and cool down.

-Heat press use is on a first come, first serve basis. We will NOT set up appointments or hold the press for any reason. We recommend coming earlier in the day or later in the evening, especially if you have a large amount you need to press. We reserve the right to limit usage towards the end of day if the time it will take exceeds the remaining time we are open including the half hour cool down period the press needs.

-We reserve the right for the heat presses to not be available to customers at any time based on our needs for the presses.

-We will not be available to assist you with using the heat press in any way. We have gone over everything you would need to know in the video so please make sure you watch it thoroughly. This includes but is not limited to helping line up your design, giving our opinion on the design, changing press settings, and anything else pertaining to running the heat press. The only exception to this is changing out the platens which is done by employees only.

-Changing out the platens for the large heat press is done by employees only. Please let us know in advance if you need to use a different platen so we can help you change it. We limit you to up to two platen changes. Please make sure to be strategic about the order in which you press your items to limit the number of times the press needs changed. 

-When you come in to use the heat press for the first time, we will give you a chance to ask any questions for clarification. Please use this time to make sure you are completely comfortable using the press.

-If we notice the heat press is being used improperly in any way, we reserve the right to relinquish your ability to use the heat press at that moment and going forward. This includes but is not limited to being too rough on the press, not using cover sheets that can cause damage to the platen, and using improper settings or platens that are more likely to cause injury.

-It is advised to make sure you have your transfers and garments ready to go when you come in. It will extend the process of using the press if you need to still prep your transfers before pressing. If we see that you are working on getting your transfers ready, we will ask you to get your transfers ready to go before using the press so that the press is available to others or for our use until you are ready for the pressing stage.