Laser Safe Adhesive Film

Our laser safe adhesive film is made with NO PVC so it is safe to use in all laser engraving machines! Use the links below to try out a sample, order full size sheets, and check out a tutorial video showing how easy it is to use!

All 6000+ of our patterns are available to order as laser safe adhesive films in 6 different sizes including 6x6, 6x12, 12x12, 12x24, 11.75x11.75 (Glowforge size), and 11.75x19 (Glowforge size).

Order a 6x12 inch Sample 

~Use code TRYLSFILM to get your sample for only $1 + Shipping! (Coupon code applies to one sheet per customer)

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Want a completely custom pattern printed? We can do that!

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Tutorial Graphic

Tutorial Video