Printing Guidelines

Here is an overview of our printing guidelines. We want your experience when ordering custom products to be as smooth as possible. These guidelines will help us provide you with a better idea of what is required for your product to be printed properly.


We cannot print any design that has a trademark or copyright unless we have written documentation that you have authorization to print the design. If you submit an order with designs that have a trademark or copyright, we will assume this means you have authorization, and we will send you our authorization form to sign. We will only proceed with the order once the form has been signed. If you choose not to sign the document and your order needs to be cancelled, cancellation and restocking fees will apply.

File Formats

We accept standard artwork formats including:

Vector - AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS, SVG
Raster - PSD (Adobe Photoshop), PNG, JPEG
Other - PDF

While we accept the formats above, we recommend providing vector artwork when possible. If you are not providing vector artwork, we recommend your images be at least 300 pixels per inch. We prefer a transparent PNG file. If your image has a background that you don't want to be part of the final design, it will either need to be removed prior to providing it to us or design fees will apply for us to remove it.

Design Fees and Tiers

Below is a guideline to our design options and tiers we offer. 

Print Ready - This is a file that is provided as is with no mortifications needed. There are no design fees to pay.

Add on - This option is for adding basic text to an existing design. The rest of the file is print ready other than adding text.

File Prep - This option applies when we need to convert your file to one of our file formats above, remove a background, scale or tile the design, or create the print ready file from multiple supplied images.

Basic - This option is for when you need us to recreate basic designs, recolor the design, or add basic objects or clipart to the design.

Standard - This option is for basic vectorizing or creating a simple design from scratch.

Advanced - This option is for advanced vectorizing or advanced design creation from scratch.

Pricing for design fees may change at any time. Design fees are the starting point and may be more depending on the complexity of the design work required. Design fees are non-refundable.

Design fees are setup to calculate correctly when placing your order. If you select the wrong design fee tier and additional design fees are necessary, they will be more expensive than if they were purchased with the transaction. We recommend making sure your design is print ready or that you select the appropriate option before submitting your order.

General Design Guidelines and Info

Gang Sheet - A gang sheet is a sheet of multiple designs that are printed or produced together. We ONLY offer gang sheets for our Sublimation transfers. All of our other custom printing options should be ordered by each individual design and size.

Submitting Additional Files - If you need to provide us additional files after you have placed your order, you may email them to us at or click here to upload them through our website. Please leave your name, order number, and details about the image when submitting your additional files.

Templates - Click here to view all of our templates that can be used to help you provide a print ready file.

Color - All files should be created and saved as CMYK. Files saved in RGB format will be converted to CMYK when printed but some colors may differ in final color. Please be aware that colors will not print the same as what it shows on screen. Previews of designs in CMYK will be closer to the actual color the final product will be.

Cut Lines - Please do not include cut lines. We will assume that you want your design cut at the outer edge. If you are ordering stickers, a 0.1" white bleed will be added.

Bleed - Please do not include a bleed with your design unless you want the final product to have the bleed. When we bring your design into our system, we will add the bleed for you. For some of our product options, you will be able to choose to add a bleed or not (mainly for die cut stickers when adding a white bleed).

Crop Marks - Please do not include crop marks with your designs. It is unnecessary and creates additional work for our design team.

Fonts - For best results convert fonts to outlines or embed them when saving or exporting. This applies to design files and PDF files. If your font is not outlined, additional design fees may apply since we will need to either contact you to provide us with an updated file or we will have to find the specific font to make your design work. 

File Verification - Before getting started with your project, our design team will check to see if the provided files are print ready.  If they have any concerns, they will place your order on hold and contact you via email.

Please note that they are only checking for file quality and if the file is print ready. They will not be checking for spelling or grammar errors, design choices (design cut off, not enough contrast in design, etc.), verifying links or QR codes, etc. If your order has one of these type of errors, we will not refund or reprint once the order has been approved.

If we contact you and do not get a response, your order will be cancelled with a cancellation fee after 14 business days.

Cutting Limitations - For any custom product that is going to be cut out, we have cut limitations based on the capabilities of our equipment. If your design does not meet these requirements, the cut area will either need to be simplified or your design will need to be adjusted to make it so that it meets our requirements.

The solid areas of the design must be at least 0.08" thick. You should be able to fit a circle that is 0.08" into any area. If you are not able to, these areas will either not get cut or your design will need to be thickened to reach this size.

The areas of the design that will be removed (or weeded out) must be at least 0.09" thick. You can also test these areas by comparing it to a circle that is 0.09".

If your design cannot be adjusted to meet these requirements for cutting, we may need to print your design instead. With printing, your design would have a white or colored background (your choice) and then we can cut around the exterior of the wording or design instead of cutting each area out individually.

If you have any questions about ordering, please contact us here before placing your order.