Vinyl Subscription Terms & Details

We now have the option for you to subscribe and save with our vinyl subscription options! Below we have more details about the different packs, how the program works, and some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please use the leave us a message option below or email us at


We have made three updates to our subscription packs to make them even better!

1. We now offer you the choice to pick your patterns/colors, or let us pick random or seasonal options. This way every month you can customize your vinyl pack as much as you like!

2. Subscription packs now include a coupon code every month for a free digital file (up to $5 value).

3. Subscription packs also now include a coupon good for 15% off any order of $15 or more. This coupon will be sent monthly and will be sent at least a week before the subscription pack is due to ship so you can combine shipping with your subscription pack to save even more! The coupon codes won't expire for 3 months so you can use them at your convenience!

Subscription Options

Please click here to see more details about our subscription packs including a comparison chart.

Use the subscription button at the bottom of the page to subscribe. 

Each pack comes with everything listed. Packs that include Printed HTV will include the transfer mask. What is listed is what you will get each month if we pick your patterns/colors. If you choose your patterns/colors, some options are available to order with different variations. An example would be for packs that include 6x12s, you can opt for two 6x6s instead of one 6x12.

Ship Dates/Subscription Schedule

Each pack is sent out at a different time of the month. If you subscribe to multiple packs, they will ship separate. Each pack has a cutoff date and approx shipment date. If you subscribe AFTER the cut off date, your subscription won't start until the following month.

For example, If you order Pack 1 on June 28th, your order would ship in August.
If you order Pack 2 on June 8th, your order would ship in July.
If you order Pack 3 on June 12th, your subscription would ship in July.
If you order Pack 4 on June 20th, your subscription would ship in July.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do I have?

We process all subscriptions via Paypal and a Paypal Account is required. If you don't currently have one, you can create one during the subscription process. Paypal handles the recurring payment processing so it is necessary to have an account.

What shipping method is used for subscriptions? Will I be able to track my order?

We ship all subscriptions via USPS First Class. When your order is shipped out, we will automatically email you tracking information to your PayPal email address.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Please contact us BEFORE the cutoff date of your subscription pack to make any changes. If any changes are made after the cutoff date, we cannot guarantee that the changes will take effect before your pack is scheduled to ship out. This may result in your subscription not processing that specific month, shipments being sent to the wrong address, or being billed an additional month. Please contact us as soon as you can to make any changes needed. This applies to changes to subscription information including cancelling, suspending, and changing which pack you are subscribed to.

When will my payment be processed?

When you initially subscribe, your payment will be processed immediately. Your subscription will continue on a monthly basis and PayPal will automatically process your payment. Recurring payments are collected on the same day of the month. If the initial recurring payment falls on the 31st, PayPal eventually adjusts the billing cycle to the 1st of the month. If the initial recurring payment falls on the 29th or 30th, PayPal adjusts the billing cycle to the 1st of the month on the following February.

How do I find out more information about the products in the packs?

Feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions. We have a tutorial page at that has a variety of tutorial videos on how our products work.
You can also find out more information about all the products we carry

How do I let you know what patterns/colors I want each month?

We have a form that can be filled out at any time. This form is setup for each pack type and will show you all the options to choose from for the specific pack. We will sent you an automated email reminding you every month to fill out your choices. We need the form filled out at least a week before your pack is scheduled to ship or we will select random/seasonal options for you if the form isn't filled out.

The form submission dates are as follows:

Pack 1/Pack 5-Form filled out by 1st/Shipped on 7th
Pack 2/Pack 6-Form filled out by 7th/Shipped on 14th
Pack 3/Pack 7-Form filled out by 14th/Shipped on 21st
Pack 4/Pack 8-Form filled out by 21st/Shipped on 28th

Here are links to the forms for each pack:

Pack 1-Link
Pack 2-Link
Pack 3-Link
Pack 4-Link
Pack 5-Link
Pack 6-Link
Pack 7-Link
Pack 8-Link 

How do I subscribe?

Use the drop down below to select your preferred Pack and then click Subscribe. You will be taken to a different screen which will have you subscribe with a credit/debit card or login to PayPal and complete the subscription process.

Subscription Options