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Heat Transfer Adhesive for Foils

12x12 inch sheet (Approx 11.8x12 inches)

This adhesive is required to use our heat transfer foils.

Notes for Use

★ Recommended Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, and Poly/cotton blends

Adhesive Instructions

★ Cut design out of Adhesive Sheet (mirror design and cut with dull side (adhesive) up and shiny plastic (carrier sheet) down
★ Weed design
★ Press Adhesive Sheet for 3-5 Seconds with LIGHT pressure
★ Use Temperature of 300 degrees F
★ Peel carrier sheet hot (immediately)

Foil Instructions

★ CAREFULLY place foil over the Adhesive design and make sure it is completely covered
★Place a cover sheet over design
★Press foil for 8-10 seconds with FIRM pressure
★Use Temperature of 300 degrees F
★Wait until completely cool to remove foil

Alternate Design Methods

Matte Finish – A second application will give the foil a less mirror-like, more matte finish. After your initial application, let cool, peel the transfer foil away and place the garment under the heat press again using a cover sheet.

Distressed – Crumple the foil and then heat apply. The result is a custom “crackle” finish that’s still shiny and reflective. The more crumpled you make the foil, the more distressed the look.

Multi-Color Effect – Apply the distressed foil as usual. Once it’s cool, peel back the foil and apply a different color piece of smooth foil to fill in the voids. You can also cut the foil into pieces and layer them on top of the adhesive to make a multi color effect without distressing.

Colors may appear different than actual colors based on screen and monitor settings.

Actual sheets may vary +/- 1/4" in size.

Always perform a test cut. If multiple sheets are purchased, they will come as individual 12x12 sheets.

We are not responsible for issues with equipment, settings, or other errors.

Please visit http://howto.smahsinginkvinyl.com for additional information about using these materials.