HOLO GOLD - Glitter Flake HTV

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Stahls' Glitter Flake HTV

12x18 inch Sheet (Some sheets may be up to 19.75 inches)

Product Overview:

★A super-sparkle heat transfer material that that won’t wash away or flake off
★Textured Glitter Finish
★Great for cheer & spirit wear
★Add bling to apparel as an alternative to rhinestones
★CPSIA Certified
★Lab tested to withstand 50 wash/dry cycles without cracking, peeling or fading

Material Specifications

Composition: Polyurethane (PU)
Carrier: Clear, Sticky
Thickness: 325 microns
Stretch & Rebound Rating: 3/5
Washability Rating: 50/50
Safety: CPSIA Certified (Material has been tested to verify it's safe to use around young children)

Finish: Textured Glitter
Soft Hand: No
Weedability: 3/5
Ability to Cut Detail: 3/5

Notes for Use

★ Mirror design before cutting
★ Press for 10-15 Seconds
★ Use Temperature of 320 degrees F
★ Peel carrier sheet  cold
★ Recommended Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, and Poly/cotton blends

Colors may appear different than actual colors based on screen and monitor settings.

Actual sheets may vary +/- 1/4" in size.

Always perform a test cut.

We are not responsible for issues with equipment, settings, or other errors.

Please visit http://howto.smashinginkvinyl.com for additional information about using these materials.